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Signs an Adoptive Father will Be Great for Your Child

Signs an Adoptive Father will Be Great for Your Child

Whether you’re a birth mother thinking about adoption or you’ve already committed to making an adoption plan, you may be wondering what some signs an adoptive father will be great for your child are? Taking this step to think about adoptive parents is a courageous and selfless act, as you are putting the best interests for your child first. As a birth mother, it can be difficult not to doubt such a life-changing decision and to deal with overwhelming emotions at times, but know that Adoption Choices of Missouri  is here for you. We stand behind your choice to choose adoption for your child. 

Meeting with prospective adoptive families and asking questions can be very helpful to determine if a prospective adoptive father will be the best fit for your child or not. Opening up to the adoptive parents and sharing your feelings about meeting with them can be a good start. It is valid for a birth mother to feel anxious and/or excited about the initial meeting and building a relationship with the prospective adoptive family. More than likely, the adoptive parents are so happy that they have a chance to meet with you and are eager to build a relationship. As a birth mother, you can share with the prospective adoptive parents what you want for your child and engage with their responses and reactions. It is also important to remember that a first impression does make a difference when finding the right adopted family for your child. 

Possessing emotional maturity. An adoptive father that shows strong potential will be emotionally mature, focused, and prepared to fill their role. The adoptive father has his mind in the present and has seriously thought about adoption and the commitment he must demonstrate to the child and family. An adoptive father will also acknowledge that the adoption journey is lifelong and that he will be a part of it. As the child grows, the adoptive parents will be open and comfortable to have discussions as a family about adoption. 

Acceptance. As an adoptive father assumes his role, he will accept the child and be a parent that will foster a supportive environment for the child to grow and learn. The adoptive father tries to be in the present and helps the child achieve goals through measured steps while not being focused on what may happen in the future. An adoptive father will also recognize the efforts he will have to commit to earn the child’s acceptance and process behaviors that he may not have dealt with before. Listening and being patient can benefit the adoptive father as he gradually builds his relationship with the child. 

Motivated. It is important that an adoptive father is motivated in his role and keeps personal objectives such as strengthening a marriage out of being a father. The adoption journey that he is a part of centers around the best intentions for the child, and that alone can be an adoptive father’s motivation. Being motivated can help the adoptive father meet challenges and overcome them through developing a trusting relationship with the child. An adoptive father knows that he has to put his interests after the child’s to be a good parent. 

Flexible. Being flexible in the role of an adoptive father is a good sign of team parenting where both adoptive parents keep each other balanced. Flexibility also benefits a parent from becoming overwhelmed as they have support, which establishes the family as a whole. It can be further beneficial to have the family’s perspective as a unit, so good interactions between adoptive parents and the child can occur. This can be practiced by the adoptive parents being communicative and transparent between each other and the child. 

Patient. An adoptive father who is understanding and prepared for the child to take time to adjust to the adoptive family demonstrates patience. Practicing patience can make way for an adoptive father to have tolerance towards the child’s emotions and behavior that may not always be positive. The adoptive parents will acknowledge and help the child work through his or her behavior without speaking for the child, but listening and then discussing with them. The adoptive father will also realize that having patience can help the development of the family as both adoptive parents and child grow together and individually. 

Signs an Adoptive Father will Be Great for Your Child

These are just some among the many signs an adoptive father will be great for your child. Such characteristics will continue to grow throughout the lifelong adoption journey for the adoptive parents. It is important to remember to meet the challenges along the adoption journey with optimism and love, always seeking the best for the child. Both you and the birth father can be grateful to find an adoptive family who can provide the resources and dedication for their child that they may not have been able to give. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri acknowledges all mothers and the positive impact they have on their child(ren). A birth mother will forever be uniquely part of her child as she brought him or her into the world. An adoptive father will be there for the child to foster a healthy relationship and provide support for his or her wellbeing to make sure they will have the best life possible. 

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When not focused on academics, Melissa enjoys traveling into New York City to support independent bookstores and buy the best cookies at Levain Bakery. 


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