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Unplanned Pregnancy Options and Help

Unplanned Pregnancy Options and Help

Unplanned Pregnancy Help

If you are looking for pregnant adoption help, considering adoption, and searching for adoption agencies near me, please know that at any time you may speak directly with an adoption counselor 24/7, confidentially, and with no obligation by contacting Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri now by calling or texting 316-391-4904 or via our contact form. We are local adoption agencies providing full-service adoption planning and assistance.

Please continue reading to learn more about our unplanned pregnancy options and how our adoption agency can help:

If you are currently facing an unplanned, unwanted, or unexpected pregnancy and want support: adoption in Kansas or adoption in Missouri, it’s natural to feel stressed. You have a lot going on, and you are going to be faced with some big decisions in the coming months. You may have questions like those listed below running through your mind, and that’s completely okay, our adoption professionals can help!

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Our first advice if you are pregnant and don’t want the baby is to breathe. You are not the first to experience an unplanned pregnancy, nor will you be the last. It’s going to be okay. The best thing you can do right now is to learn as much as possible about your pregnancy options in Kansas and Missouri and if you are considering adoption, research adoption agencies nearby.

Before we launch into giving you information about those options, we’d like to note that, while we are an adoption agency, the intent of this article is not to convince you to choose any specific option. Rather, we hope that this helps you to learn more about the three unplanned pregnancy options that are available to every expectant woman in order to make the best possible decision for yourself and your baby.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options

parenting optionPregnancy Option 1 – Parenting

Parenting can look different for each expectant woman. Maybe you are married, single, separated – perhaps you have family support, are alone, or maybe you already have a family and this pregnancy is unexpected. No matter what your circumstance is, parenting is an option. It might not be the best option depending on your situation, but you do have a choice.



abortion optionPregnancy Option 2 – Terminating your Pregnancy

Perhaps the most difficult decision to make, abortion might be an option. This will depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy, state and federal laws, religious beliefs, family support, your health and more. Women’s feelings after having an abortion vary. Feeling of anger, guilt, or regret may later turn to acceptance and relief.



adoption optionPregnancy Option 3 – Adoption

The least considered option but maybe the best for pregnant help is adoption. With adoption, you are in charge of your choices. There is a lot to consider about what you want and what you want for your unborn child.

Some people choose adoption when faced with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Especially when parenting isn’t an option right now and abortion is unwanted. Information and support is important, but the decision to choose adoption is personal and only you know what’s best for you.

If you feel that parenthood is not right for you and terminating your pregnancy is not an option, then the next best option would be choosing to put your baby up for adoption. By going through the adoption process, you will be giving your child a chance to live a better life. If you are a teen and considering pregnancy options, click here.


Adoption Agencies in Kansas and Missouri

We will be happy to help you get the adoption process started by speaking with one of our legal representatives, case workers, birth mother counselors or social workers who are at your service, 24/7! We are a private adoption agency in Kansas and Missouri that offers you a nonjudgmental and compassionate place to come and seek help.

Contact Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri to discuss each option more in depth and discover your best plan of action. We are available by contacting Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri now by calling or texting 316-391-4904 or via our contact form.


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Adoption Services in Kansas and Missouri

Through our licensed adoption agencies in Kansas, our licensed adoption agencies in Missouri, we can cover some of your financial living expenses throughout your unplanned pregnancy. If you are homeless or in an unsafe environment, we’ll also be able to offer adequate safe housing for you, so you will be relaxed, safe and in good health during your process. We will connect you with proper medical treatment, so you will not have to worry about losing your accessibility to prenatal care.

No matter what your situation is or why you feel adoption is the best choice for you, you will also be offered healthy counseling sessions by our professional birth mother staff while considering this option during your unplanned pregnancy.

From the moment you discover you’re pregnant and choose adoption with our adoption centers to waiting for an adoptive family to the day you go into labor and give birth – we can help take care of you through your adoption and beyond! Counseling and support is always available for you.

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