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Choosing an Emergency Hospital Adoption in Kansas or Missouri

What Choosing Emergency Hospital Adoption Looks Like

By Miriam Fuller 

Pregnancy, planned or not, comes with many highs and lows. From finding out you are pregnant to the first ultrasounds to the first kick to contractions, carrying a child is a rollercoaster of emotion. You have spent nine months caring for your unborn child, but now, on your way to deliver your baby, you have began to reconsider being a parent. Parenting is a huge responsibility; it is perfectly okay to rethink your parenting choices. So what now? You have just given birth. Is adoption even still an option? Of course! An emergency hospital adoption, also known as a last minute adoption, is always an option, and it is always a loving and selfless choice.

Whether you are seeking pregnant help, are in labor, or you have just given birth, Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri is ready 24/7 to support you in your adoption process.

Taking the First Steps Toward Adoption in KS or MO

Wanting adoption for your child after giving birth may feel like you have missed your chance, but that is far from the truth. Emergency or hospital adoption is never far from reach. But how can you pursue emergency adoption? The simple answer: find support with a local, licensed, trusted adoption agency.

You can begin your adoption journey by either searching “adoption agencies near me” or by asking hospital staff to connect you with an adoption agency. From there, you will quickly find our adoption agencies in Kansas and Missouri. Contact us via phone, text, or email and detail that you want to pursue an emergency/hospital adoption for your child. You will then have an adoption specialist assigned to you who will assist you in making a personalized adoption plan. Your adoption specialist will give you all the information, connections, and support you might need to make your adoption process go as smoothly as possible.

Remember, our adoption agencies are here to advocate for you and your child! At Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri, we understand that adoption is a difficult decision, especially when you are experiencing large emotions post-birth, so never be afraid to ask for support.  

Finding the Right Kansas or Missouri Adoption Plan and Family for You and Your Child

After you connect with your adoption specialist for your Missouri adoption, you will begin the process of creating your adoption plan. The first step in creating your emergency adoption plan is to discuss different adoptive family options. You will receive a selection of adoptive family information and profiles. You get to choose whether you would like to meet with the families or if you would like to pick them solely based on their adoption profiles. However, if you do not wish to choose the family yourself, you are more than willing to opt-out. If so, your adoption specialist will choose an adoptive family for you.

Once selecting an adoptive family for your child, you will discuss the various technical elements within your personalized adoption plan. This process includes any finances and compensation, the type of adoption, and post-adoption communication.

  • For finances, you will discuss what type of financial support you need postpartum. Financial support could be anything from paying hospital bills to funding emotional support help post-birth.
  • You will also discuss how much communication, if any, you would like to have with your child and the adoptive family post-adoption. Our KS and MO adoption agencies want to ensure that your adoption plan meets all your wants for both you and your child. Do not be afraid to discuss any wants you may have for your child and their future, such as their education or communication with you. Your wants and needs are a vital part of creating the best possible adoption plan for you and your child. So do not hesitate to advocate for yourself! Your adoption specialist and Adoption Choices of Kansas is here for you and will fight to provide you with the best-personalized adoption plan. 

Take Your Time: Adoption Postpartum Support

Once you have made an adoption plan, you may wonder, what happens next? Besides signing final adoption papers, the biggest next step is to take your time to process. Emergency/hospital adoption may feel like a whirlwind, especially after just giving birth. It is important to remember that you need to take your time to breathe, process, and feel. Speak to your adoption agency or specialist and let them know what type of support you may need.

“Support” may mean that you want more time with your child before placing them in the hands of the adoptive family. You may even want to name your child yourself or even nurse your child before giving them to the adoptive family. All these things are perfectly normal and acceptable wants/needs for a birth mother. Your adoption agency will be able to advocate for these needs and ensure you receive the support you need.

In addition, your adoption specialist will inform you of all the resources you have available to you. Whether that be financial, emotional, or physical support, your agency is here to help you heal and process postpartum. Do not feel as though you have to rush your adoption process. We understand that adoption is an emotionally significant decision, so it is important that you take your time. So breathe and take your time. Choosing adoption for your child is a loving, selfless choice, but do not forget to take care of yourself and your needs in the process. 

Emergency Hospital Adoption is an Option in Kansas and Missouri

Pursuing an emergency or hospital adoption for your unplanned pregnancy can be frightening if you are unsure of what to do. However, you should not worry. You are never alone when choosing adoption in Kansas and Missouri. No matter what stage of your pregnancy, Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri is here to guide you through the adoption process every step of the way. We understand that choosing adoption is an emotional decision, and we strive to make your adoption process as smooth as possible. If you need help with an emergency or hospital adoption in Missouri or Kansas, call or text Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri anytime, day or night, at 316-391-4904. 

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