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Disadvantages of Choosing an Out-of-State Adoptive Family

Disadvantages of Choosing an Out-of-State Adoptive Family

By Conner Sura Richards

Adoption is already a difficult choice. Trying to find adoption agencies and unplanned pregnancy help that meet your adoption needs is even more difficult. When you have to choose a family that will take care of your unborn child, that may seem impossible. Who can trust? You don’t know these people. And what about out-of-state adoptions? Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri is here to help you sort through all the troubles of the adoption process. We understand that adoption is stressful, and not knowing what to do makes it even more so. We make it our mission to help birth mothers of all backgrounds with their adoptions. Join us as we explore Disadvantages of Choosing an Out-of-State Adoptive Family…

Why You Shouldn’t Choose An Out-of-State Adoptive Family

Giving your baby to a stranger is incredibly stressful. You don’t know what they are like or where they are from. However, when you choose an in-state adoptive family, you already know that there are similarities between you. You are from the same state, and you both come from a similar cultural background. When choosing an out-of-state adoption, a potential risk is different cultural perspectives towards adoption and birth mothers. Not every state views adoption the same. This could lead to complications during the adoption process and distort your adoption plan- not only from a legal perspective but also from an emotional one.

Another reason why choosing an out-of-state adoption family might not be right for you is the legal issues. Like states having different cultures, they also have different laws. Different adoption agencies have to follow different laws, and if you are working with an in-state adoption agency, that could further complicate the adoption process. Now, the in-state adoption agency has to follow their state adoption laws and comply with the out-of-state adoption laws.

This could lead to further complications with communication. Let’s say you choose adoption in Missouri or Kansas and count on California to provide an out-of-state adoptive family. This could lead to increased challenges with scheduling, travel, and increased expenses for the birth mother, like food and hotel costs- making the adoption process a lot more complicated than it has to be.

In addition, studies have shown that if a birth mother opts for an open adoption, she may feel increased regret for choosing an out-of-state adoptive family. It becomes more difficult to fit your child & their adoptive family into your schedule when they live across state lines. This could lead to an increased risk of depression and other mental health issues due to the challenges. However, birth mothers who choose an in-state adoption have shown a decreased risk of depression.

Disadvantages of Choosing an Out-of-State Adoptive Family

  • Potential cultural barriers and perspectives towards adoption
  • Potential adoption laws that vary from state to state
  • Communication with the adoptive family, especially if you choose an open adoption
  • Increased regret

Choosing An In-State And Local Adoptive Family

Choosing adoption agencies near me and picking a family from your state is the safest and most reliable way for your adoption needs to be met. We understand that adoption can be stressful, and sometimes, there might seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri are here to help all birth mothers regardless of their background. Whatever you choose, may it be an in-state adoption or an out-of-state adoption, we will support you through your adoption journey.

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