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Professional Pregnant Woman Chooses Adoption

Professional Pregnant Woman

Meet Katie. Katie grew up in a loving stable household. She lived with her parents and two younger siblings. As the oldest, she was always the responsible one. No drugs, no underage drinking, just a normal, if somewhat sheltered upbringing. Her parents didn’t have the best education, so they always expected the most out of their children.

Katie excelled in high school. She attended a magnet school where she was able to take special courses in business and finance. Katie made the honor roll all four years, and graduated 17th in her class of 126. More importantly, she honed her business acumen in preparation for a successful career.

After high school, Katie attended college at the University of Colorado, where she majored in business. Between her classes, boyfriend, and a multitude of extracurricular activities, Katie hardly had a moment to herself. Nevertheless she became the first in her family to graduate from college. Not only that, she graduated magna cum laude.

Katie landed a job soon after graduating from college. Work was tough, but Katie was prepared. She worked late to meet deadlines, and quickly secured a reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail that was unmatched by most of her colleagues. This set Katie on the fast track to a promotion.

Katie received her promotion, and decided to celebrate. She invited her boyfriend and their friends for a Friday night out. They partied a little harder than expected and one thing led to another. Katie woke up the next morning in her boyfriend’s bed with very little recollection of the previous night. A month later, the test came back positive. Katie was pregnant.

Katie has a long term career plan. A child is not part of it. After a lot of careful consideration, Katie decided to place her child for adoption. She contacted Adoption Choices of Missouri and spoke to one of our licensed adoption counselors. They quickly made a plan for an open adoption. This way, Katie could form a relationship with her child without sacrificing her long term career goals.

Not all women who place their children for adoption are irresponsible, drug addicted, teenagers, homeless, or the product of an unstable upbringing.

Women place their children for adoption for a variety of reasons. Some, like Katie, are simply young professionals who aren’t interested in balancing children with their career. Adoption is a loving and wonderful choice! Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri at 1-877-903-4488 for more information or to get started in your Adoption Journey.


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