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10 Commonly Asked Questions About Adoption Home Study

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Adoption Home Study

By Karlie Harris

Knowing where to begin in the adoption process can be hard. When adopting a child, there are many steps that you must go through. With each step, a new question pops up, such as “what do I need to have during the interviews?”, “how can I prepare for the interviews?”, and “what do I need to know about the adoption process?” All the information you need is on our website at Adoption Choices of Kansas. We will answer ten commonly asked home study questions, including the ones above.

Commonly Asked Questions About the Adoption Process

  • “Although the birth parents have chosen to give the baby up for adoption, will the baby be taken care of before birth?” At Adoption Choices of Kansas we can help the birth mother obtain prenatal vitamins and healthcare. We make sure that everyone is healthy and safe.
  • “Can we still adopt if we are the same sex?” Yes, same sex couples can adopt in Kansas. We are not biased, all we ask is that you are at least 10 years older than the child you are adopting.
  • “We would like to adopt, but don’t know if you can afford adoption?” At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we have loans, grants, and fundraiser’s for anyone hoping to adopt.
  • “How will you help if the birth mother has postpartum after giving birth?” Counseling is always free before and after birth. Our organization will help find the right mental health care providers for the birth mother.
  • “What do we need to have during the interviews?” If you are worried that you do not have everything ready for the interview, call us. We will let you know what you need to have with you. Gather all the documents early.
  • “How can we prepare for the interview?” Child proof your home. We will need to inspect your home to make sure it is a safe environment. Always be polite and honest.
  • “Does every adoptive family have to do a home study?” A home study is required for adoption. We have to make sure the family is a right fit for the child and the environment is safe.
  • “What if we have pets?” We will need the most recent vaccination records and the interviewer will need to know what the pet(s) temperament is like, especially around children.
  • “Is there a specific place we should go for adoption?” We have adoption services in Wichita, and throughout Kansas. You can find the closest facility on our website at Adoption Choices of Kansas.
  • “Can the birth parents see the child after adoption?” This depends on what kind of adoption you do, closed adoption means there is no contact with the birth parents. In open adoption, the adoptive parents and birth parents still see each other.

Adoption Home Study Checklist

  • Autobiographical statement
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate of everyone living with you
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Divorce decree(s) (if applicable)
  • Verification of employment (W2, paystub, letter from employer)
  • Green card(s)
  • Reference Letters
  • Working Smoke Detectors on every floor
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Evacuation plans
  • Potentially toxic substances locked up or out of reach of children
  • First-aid Kit
  • Screen covering a fireplace or stove
  • Covered Kitchen Trash can
  • Covered outlets
  • Gate in front of every stairwell
  • All windows should be secure with screens and locks
  • Fenced in pools
  • Lock top on hot tubs

Feeling Secure About Our Adoption Plan

Although the adoption process is not simple, we want you to have everything that you need. During the home study, being polite and honest is the best. The interviewer wants you to be able to adopt, but they want a safe home for the baby as well. Interviews can be nerve racking, hopefully you feel more prepared after reading this article. If you are a woman, man, married, single, or same-sex couple looking to adopt a child, then we want to help. Our facilities, at Adoption Choices of Kansas, are always available if you have any other questions. This article should help you prepare for the adoption home study process, and if you need any further assistance feel free to call us.


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