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Adoption Agencies in Wichita

Adoption Agencies in Wichita

Choosing Adoption for Unplanned Pregnancy

Reasons for Choosing a Local Adoption Agency in Wichita

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Would you like information on “adoption agencies near me?” Adoption Choices of Kansas is a private, local, licensed adoption agency in Wichita, Kansas. We have been offering support and guidance to pregnant women for years. If you are considering adoption in Wichita, one of our experienced adoption specialists can meet with you to discuss your options. 

Many pregnant women we help do not have anyone to talk to. Our adoption agency is their only avenue for assistance. Putting a child up for adoption may be a tough choice. And often, even knowing you are doing the right thing does not make it any easier. Modern adoptions are far different than they were years ago. One of our adoption specialists will sit down with you and explain how the adoption process works. 

Steps in the Adoption Process for Adoption in Wichita

  • Contact a local adoption agency such as Adoption Choices of Kansas.
  • Schedule a meeting with an adoption professional at our agency.
  • Create your adoption plan with the help of your adoption specialist.
  • Review and choose the adoptive family – all of them are rigorously screened and background checked.
  • Decide on your hospital and birth plan.
  • Receive post-placement support, including counseling and continued financial aid.

Creating an Adoption Plan with the help of a Private Adoption Agency

The wonderful thing about adoptions today is the flexibility and uniqueness around each adoption. Developing an adoption plan is easy and provides comfort to the birth mother. She becomes part of imagining the life she desires for her unborn baby. Adoption Choices of Kansas will help you determine what is important to you. We are a local, private adoption agency and can support a birth mother with living expenses, maternity expenses, counseling support, and more. 

  • Decide what is best for your child and you, and make a list.
  • Choose the type of adoption – open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption
  • An open adoption will involve a direct relationship between you, the adoptive family, and the child. This can include visits and phone conversations. Personalize the plan to fit your wishes. The relationship will be indirect in a semi-open adoption. The birth mother will receive updates regarding the child through a confidential and private online resource, ChildConnect. A closed adoption is confidential. There will not be any communication between the birth parent and the adoptive family/child. There are various reasons an expectant woman may choose this type of adoption: the pregnancy may result from rape, homelessness of the birth mother, or due to the emotional health of the birth parent. Please understand it is okay if this is the path you select. 
  • Selecting your birth plan. Delivering a baby is emotional. The birth mom can have the adoptive parents in the delivery room. Your birth mother specialist can be by your side if you would like. You do not have to go through this alone.
  • Post-placement counseling and support. Adoption Choices of Kansas will continue to support the birth parent.

Why should a Birth Mother choose a Local Adoption Agency?

Working with a local private agency has several benefits for a birth mother. Suppose you are pregnant and considering adoption; a local adoption agency, like Adoption Choices of Kansas, offers compassionate and honest support. State-licensed adoption agencies must have their licenses renewed annually by their state government. A private adoption agency is experienced and knowledgeable regarding Kansas adoption laws. 

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy may leave a woman feeling lost and alone. Although our adoption agency believes adoption is a beautiful choice, it can be emotionally exhausting. There are no words to express what having a personal birth mother specialist walking the journey with you brings. You will meet with this person face to face, as much as you need. Often birth parents do not even meet their adoption counselor when using an out-of-state adoption agency. 

Local adoption agencies can provide information about birth mother benefits in Kansas. A birth parent working with an out-of-state agency may miss out on eligible benefits. If you are pregnant and looking for adoption agencies near you, one of our birth mother specialists is available 24/7. Adoption Choices of Kansas believes adoption is a brave and courageous choice. The birth mother and baby are always our top priority.


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