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Why Choose an Open Adoption?

Why Choose an Open Adoption?

In a previous article, we discussed the types of adoption that are available to you as birth mothers. There are open adoptions, semi-closed adoptions, and closed adoptions. Today, we want to help you choose an open adoption and why it might be the best option out of the three for you. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you with choosing an open adoption and we continue to support you during these unknown times.

What is an Open Adoption?

Recalling the definition of an open adoption, “both parties keep close contact with each other throughout the process and communicate with each other as much as possible to ensure the child will be placed in the best possible situation. This means that both the adoptive parents and birth parents work closely with each other throughout the adoption process to help the adoption process go more smoothly.” 

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Why is an Open Adoption Important?

An open adoption can be very beneficial since there is the most open communication available. Open communication between the birth and adoptive families is important and invaluable. The adoptive parents can easily provide documents such as social security cards, and birth certificates.The birth parents and adoptive parents can also frequently communicate with each other over time. This can be great because when the child is older, he or she can be able to frequently visit his or her birth parents and build relationships with both couples. The child can know that they are receiving double the love. Communication is key to everything and it is the most important reason as to why choosing an open adoption works best! 

Communication is everything in an open adoption. Not only is it important for the child, but it is important for all members of the adoption community. An open adoption allows for the child to see the adoption process as something positive and something that they should be proud of. When the child is older, they might be able to confidently share their story about where they came from and talk about the life that they have lived and what being adopted means to them. Without open communication, how would the child be able to tell their story?

What does an Open Adoption mean in real life?

An open adoption means a lifetime of hope and happiness for a child. It is extremely important for all involved members of the child’s adoption, including the child, to be able to discuss confidently and positively throughout all stages of the adoption process. Both the birth and adoptive parents will be happier and have confidence in their child. Most importantly though, the child will be happy and will have a wonderful life ahead of them! They can also share their story with others as they grow and talk about how effective an open adoption was for them personally! 

If you are considering an open adoption or want to learn more about the types of adoption available, Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents and adoptive parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more!

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