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Types of Adoptive Families Who Want to Adopt  

Types of Adoptive Families Who Want to Adopt

There are many adoptive families out there who are looking to find that special little one into their home and into their lives. As you may be aware, as a birth mother, the ideas of the typical family dynamics and structure may have changed. Yet, the love and comfort that can be found in an adoptive family has not changed.

With so many loving adoptive families having their arms open to embrace little ones, you, as a birth mother, may have a hard time deciding which family structure you are most comfortable with. You may not even know what kind of family structures there are. That’s okay. Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri is here to provide you with a few options when it comes to the types of adoptive families looking to adopt.

Please know that this is a non-exhaustive list and that there are many more options available. To learn more about these, and all other types of adoptive families your child could have, be sure to consult with your adoption caseworker.

  1. Single Parents 

For many reasons, hopeful parents aren’t able to have the family they’ve always wanted. Single adoptive parents fall into this category. Even though they may not be in a committed relationship, they will still love and care for your child like any other adoptive parent would. Your child will still grow up happy, healthy and safe.

  1. Transracial Parents 

Many potential adoptive parents don’t care what race or culture your child comes from. They are willing and comfortable opening up their homes and expanding their horizons to have the  opportunity to love your child. As a birth mother, you may know that transracial adoptive families face judgment and other issues because of their race, ethnicity or culture, but that shouldn’t deter your decision. The love they will have for your child outshines any of that outside negativity, and will help your child grow to be more accepting and respectful of others’ differences.

  1. LGBT+ Parents 

Although LGBT adoption is growing in popularity and becoming more common, these adoptive families can be met with disapproval, disgust and acts of violence in extreme cases. But, just like with transracial adoptive parents, an LGBT adoptive family has carefully thought and planned to have children, and will be there for your child in the good times and bad. They will help raise him or her to be more open, loving and accepting of all people.

Types of Adoptive Families Who Want to Adopt

If you are unsure what type of adoptive family you want raising your child, consult with your adoption caseworker. Talk out what your expectations are and the kind of life you’d like for your child. Discuss what you are open to and what you are most comfortable with. Your adoption caseworker will do their best to help you navigate the matching process and guide you in determining who is the best fit for you and your child.

Finding a forever home is always the goal for your child, and Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri is here to help in any way we can. Look into different family dynamics, and research and learn all you can about each one to help you choose who you believe is right for your child.

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She enjoys helping those considering adoption or going through the adoption process any way she can. This internship opportunity truly resonated with her and she hopes that her words will connect and inspire everyone who reads them.

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