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The Adoption Triad

The Adoption Triad

There are multiple groups of people involved in your adoption process. Did you know that there is a symbol that resembles the three most important pieces of the process? It is called the adoption triadand encompasses the birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptee. Each of the three members are important and integral to the adoption process because, without any of them, the process wouldn’t exist.

The triad symbol, which is made up of lines that intertwine with one another to create a triangle with a heart in the middle, represents the strong bond between all three parties involved. With the help of Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri , all three pieces will be able to coincide with one another and ultimately form a strong relationship.

What exactly is the Adoption Triad

The triad, also known as the “adoption triangle,” resembles both the strong connections and communication that forms between all three of the essential parties involved in the adoption process.

At the base of the triangle, you and your child’s birth parents make up the bottom angles. At the top stands your child. The equidistant length between all three parties in the triad resembles the notion that each of you shares the same quantity of communication as the other.

The symbol was created to show that both you and your baby’s chosen adoptive family place your child’s needs above their own.

Now, let’s unravel each of these parts even further.

The Birth Parents

The first piece of the triad are the birth parents. Without you, especially the birth mother, the adoption process will not work. You always have your child’s best interests at heart and know you want the best for your child in their life. A big part of this is knowing how to provide the best life possible for your child to live. If you feel you will be unfit to raise your child after they are born, then adoption is an option. It’s important to remember that you are not “giving up” on your child, but that you love them with all your heart and are giving them their best chance at life.

You are very courageous people for putting your child through this wonderful, yet emotional process. Even though your child will be raised by their adoptive parents, you will always be his or her birth parent. The strong bond you share with your child will never be broken. The love and care you have for them will never fade away, and you will be happy knowing you made the best decision for your child.

The Adoptive Parents

The second part of the triad is the adoptive parents. They are your child’s new legal guardians after your adoption process is finalized. The ones who will raise, take care of, love and support your child unconditionally, for the rest of their life. Their role in this triad is to abide by the stipulations of the adoption contract that they agreed to, and to help create a better life for your child. This means that they are the ones who will be responsible for paying for your child’s medical, financial, emotional and educational needs.

They help prepare your child to have a successful life as they continue to develop and grow into a young woman or young man. They, like you, want nothing but the best for your child in their life. In order to make that possible for them, they will work hard every day to help provide the best opportunities for your child. They will love and support them as they go through each stage of their life, and be there to help them whenever they need them.

The adoptive parents will also have the inevitable job of making sense of your child’s adoption process and answering any challenging questions he or she may have. It’s important that the adoptive parents be open and honest with your child about everything asked of them. This will help your child better understand why his or her birth parents chose to go through the process with them, and will allow them to know that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

The Adoptee

Finally, the centerpiece of the triad that connects all of the parties together — the adoptee. Between the birth parents and adoptive parents, the adoptee will acquire certain traits that resemble both sets of parents as they grow physically, emotionally and culturally. These traits will be visible in their actions. The adoptee will share an amazing bond between their birth parents and with their adoptive parents.

Every adoptee is as unique as the adoption process. For some adoptees, the adoption process resembles stability and can be a very positive thing. For other adoptees, it can involve unanswered questions and self-esteem issues. No matter what, though, the adoptee will need time to fully acknowledge and accept their adoption. They will need their adopted parents to be fully open, honest and truthful with them about anything relating to the process. This will allow them to become more comfortable with their adoptive parents. This will help them realize that they now have two families who will love them unconditionally.

The Adoption Triad

All three pieces of the triad play key roles in making the adoption process possible. It is imperative that all parties involved know what their individual roles are so the adoption will be a success. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri will be here for you, and will be happy to help you every step of the way through your process!

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