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The Home Study Interview: How to Prepare Yourself and Stress Less 

The Home Study Interview: How to Prepare Yourself and Stress Less  By Megan Kostraba Wanting to adopt a child is a wonderful experience in life! It can also, however, seem scary and stressful. Many people assume the adoption process to be long, strenuous, and difficult, so they avoid adoption altogether. While the adoption process itself can be stressful, it can also be life-changing. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we don’t want you to feel intimidated by adoption. Rather, we want you to feel secure, comfortable, and confident in your choice. We can help you through every step of the adoption process and be your guide on your journey to adoption. Therefore, here we explore the home study interview. One thing adoptive parents need to understand about adoption is that…

Home Study Interviews: Preparing for Your Adoption!

Home Study Interviews: Preparing for Your Adoption By Megan Kostraba Choosing to adopt and add to your family is a wonderful choice! Entering this stage in your life, and making the decision to adopt, is an exciting process. What may seem less than exciting, however, may be thinking about all the processes that surround adoption. Adoption is known to be a lengthy process with lots of documentation and paperwork. However, the end is always worth it! First, it's important to understand that all the processes that are about to occur in your life are necessary. We want to guarantee that your child will grow up in a happy, healthy, loving environment. A home study interview is the first step towards adopting! Adoption agencies will conduct these interviews and begin building…

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