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Adopting a Newborn in the U.S.

Your guide to domestic adoption with Adoption Choices of Missouri with Facts: The annual number of infants adopted domestically (excluding foster and relative adoption) is estimated to be around 18,000 which is far greater than the annual number of international adoptions. The adoption process of a newborn in the United States is much faster than you probably think. A 2016/2017 study found that when using an adoption agency, 62% of families were matched within 1 year and 82% were matched within 2 years. In the majority of U.S. newborn adoptions, adoptive parents are selected by the birth parents of the child, and in at least half of the cases, the birth parents and adoptive parents meet. Adoptive families usually appreciate the opportunity to build a relationship with their child’s birth family. Ongoing contact, or open…

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