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Importance Of A Home Study Kansas Missouri

The Importance of A Home Study 

The Importance of A Home Study 

By Rose O’Connor 

When a birth mother is considering adoption for her baby, it can be an emotional and stressful time. There are many steps to go through in the adoption process and the adoption plan. Not to mention, she is also thinking about the finalization steps after giving a child up for adoption. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we advocate helping pregnant women who are going through an unplanned pregnancy. However, we do help adoptive parents who are ready to adopt a child as well! 

What is an Adoption Home Study? 

A home study is the first step for prospective Adoptive Families! An adoption home study in Missouri is the process where our specialist takes in information about the new adoptive family. Additionally, we educate and prepare the new family for adoption. We also evaluate the environment that the adoptive family is in. This is to ensure that the child is in a stable and loving environment to grow up in! Not to mention, we offer services for domestic and international adoption as well! 

To simplify the adoption home study checklist, here are the main steps that you, as the adoptive parents, can expect: 

  • There will be training orientation, interviews, and an in-person home visit. 
  • Friendly, professional, experienced, personalized services. 
  • The study will be completed within 4 weeks of receiving all the necessary documentation
  • There are post-placement services available to you! 

Why Is A Home Study Important In The Adoption Process? 

Firstly, it is important to know that a home study is not a test. In fact, it is a process where you show the adoption specialist your home environment and how you live. It is up to the adoption specialist to determine if your environment is set for the adoptee. 

Yes, this process can be stressful and overwhelming. But remember, this part is the most important aspect of the adoption process. It ensures that all of the children that are being placed for adoption go to a stable and secure home. Additionally, we want the child to be surrounded by people that will price love and support. 

What You Should Expect From Doing An Adoption Home Study 

When you go through adoption in Missouri, we offer service with kind and knowledgeable approaches. As mentioned before, you will go through the home study process in broken-down steps. 

Additionally, it is important you gather specific forms when you go through this process. These forms include the different financial records you may have. Some of the important forms are

  • Your income tax form
  • Your pay stub
  • A W-2 form
  • Your health and life insurance documents

You should also gather any other forms that include your debts and investments. This is not to see how wealthy you are and determine if your wealth can affect your adoption. This is to have proof that you are responsible enough when it comes to finances. That’s all! In no way are we doing this to see if you are wealthy or not.  

Another important factor regards health forms. Within the health forms, you will need proof of an updated physical exam. This is within the last 12 months. 

Our Adoption Agencies Are Here To Help You

When you choose adoption in Missouri, you will be met with a licensed and local agency! We make sure that you have all of the necessary resources to adopt a child! We want to ensure that you have completed all of the necessary paperwork. 

When you go through the home study process, you will be able to speak with us in person and get to know what we offer! You can contact us at 1-800 home study! 

We will let you know what type of adoption the birth mother chooses as well! Here are the types of adoption. 

  • Open adoption: is when you and the birth mother exchange all of your information. This includes your medical history, phone number, email address, and your full name. This is so you can stay in touch with each other. 
  • Semi-Open adoption: is between open and closed adoption. This means that you will be able to exchange specific information with the birth mother. This includes where you reside, indirect contact, and your first name. You will exchange indirect contact with the adoption agency. 
  • Closed adoption: is when both you and the birth mother do not exchange any information at all. This means that you have no contact at all with each other either.

Remember, no matter which type of adoption the birth mother chooses, to provide the child with a loving and nurturing environment. Also, remember to condone the type of adoption the birth mother chooses. This journey has been a lot for her, and your support always matters! Respecting her decision is the best support you can give her! 

Our Adoption Agencies Are Ready to Work With You!

When you, as the adoptive parents, are ready to adopt a child, know that you are making a beautiful impact! You are willing to provide a child with a loving and nurturing home! At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand that the process on your end can be overwhelming. But remember, you are helping the birth mother as well immensely. She will be at peace, knowing that you are ready to give a child the best loving home. When a woman is pregnant and considering adoption, you are making her decision more at ease. This is with the intention that she knows she is making the best decision for her child. 

If you are ready to adopt a child, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 


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