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How to put a baby up for adoption in MO or KS

How to put a baby up for adoption in MO or KS

As you face an unplanned pregnancy, you’re considering your next steps. While you’ve contemplated placing your child for adoption, there are several questions sitting between you and your final decision: What is adoption? Who chooses adoption? And why should I consider it as an option?

Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri is here to help by giving you the information you need! Below, we’ve broken down the need-to-know basics of adoption.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a way of providing the security, permanency and love of a new family when it is not possible for you, the expectant parent, to raise your child. It’s a selfless act of love. One in which legal parental responsibility is transferred from you to your child’s adoptive parents.

To define adoption and what it means to the people involved, however, is trickier. If you ask anyone affected by adoption what it means to them, you’ll likely get a personal answer that reflects their own experience with adoption. So, there’s really no singular definition of adoption — just the understanding that it’s a celebrated way of creating a family. You can define adoption for yourself!

Why Choose Adoption?

Whatever you’re facing in life, whatever is preventing you from raising your child in a healthy environment, the decision you make when facing an unplanned pregnancy is a sacrifice. Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri knows that! In an ideal world, you would be able to keep your child. Adoption, though, is an option that allows your child to have the life you always wanted for him or her.

Too often, expectant parents are made to feel that placing their child for adoption is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. In reality, choosing to place is the best way to make those temporary problems notpermanent.As long as you do the right thing for your child in the circumstances you’re in, you can’t make the wrong decision.

Who Adopts?

Upon delving further into the adoption world, you may begin to wonder what types of people choose adoption when trying to grow their families. The answer is simple! Adoptive parents come from all walks of life: older and younger couples, homosexual couples, single parents, families with other biological children, interracial and transracial families, and religious and non-religious families. Anyone who wants to grow his or her family and has been deemed a fit parent by a professional can adopt a child.

Adoptive families are just as unique and diverse as traditional families, and the options for the kind of home your child can have are expansive. If and when you begin looking for an adoptive family, you will likely find just the kind of family you want your child to grow up with.

Knowing the Basics of Adoption: It’s a Great Option

Over the last few decades, adoption has transformed into an increasingly positive experience for everyone involved. From choosing a family to deciding how much contact to have with your child, you will be in charge of the entire process, and you will have access to support and guidance the entire way. By being actively involved in the adoption process, you can feel certain that you are not “giving up” your child: you are giving him or her the gift of a family.

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