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Covid 19 (coronavirus) and Adoption

Covid 19 and Adoption

Covid 19, also known as Coronavirus 19 or simply coronavirus, has dramatically shaken up our world over the last couple weeks. Shops are closed, stocks are down, and social distancing is the norm. It seems like nothing is as it was just two weeks ago. And it seems like things are going to be this way for quite some time.

With all the news surrounding coronavirus and its impacts for older adults, most people probably aren’t thinking about how it affects pregnancy and the adoption process. However, coronavirus will have an impact on pregnancy and the adoption process so long as it remains a threat. Here are some ways pregnancies and adoptions will be different in light of the coronavirus.

Covid 19 and Pregnancy

Pregnancies will be different because of the coronavirus because the CDC warns that pregnant women may be more susceptible to respiratory infections such as coronavirus. This means that pregnant women should take precautions. These precautions include, but are not limited to, washing hands frequently, staying clear of crowds, and cleaning regularly used surfaces around the house.

Covid 19 and Adoption

Adoptions will also be different in many ways because of the coronavirus. Social distancing is having a dramatic affect on the adoption process. In the past, birth mothers would meet with prospective adoptive parents in person to determine whether the adoptive parents would be good parents for their children. Now, these meetings are taking place virtually, whether it is through Zoom or FaceTime.

Social distancing will also affect how home studies take place. Home studies usually take place in person and include interviews with multiple family members. However, with most employees working remotely, home studies may take place virtually or, in some cases, may be delayed. Adoption Choices knows that this can be frustrating, but remember that this is being done to ensure everyone’s health.

Hospitals may also pass new guidelines regarding visitors in light of coronavirus. These guidelines may include restricted visitors or restricted visiting times. This will change the adoption process because it may prevent or change in person visits during the birth mother’s hospital stay. Adoption Choices will inform prospective adoptive parents of these changes as soon as it learns more about them.

Covid 19 and Traveling

Coronavirus may also make it harder for adoptive parents to travel home with their newborn children. This is because fears regarding the coronavirus’ effect on a newborn child may make it harder to obtain medical clearance to travel on a plane. There is also always the possibility that future travel restrictions may limit the ability to travel in general.

These are just some of the ways that pregnancies and the adoption process may change as a result of the coronavirus. These changes are the last thing individuals need, but they are being done to ensure everyone’s health and well being. Just try to roll with the punches as best as possible. We will all get through this together.

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