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Baby Momma Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Baby Momma Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Baby Momma Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Requirements for Placing Your Child for Adoption in Missouri

By: Wendy Swisher

When you hear the term baby momma, you may ask yourself, what is a baby momma? It is a term that has become popular over the past few years, especially with the younger generation. The slang term is used a lot in today’s society to describe the mother of a child. Especially when the father is describing the mother of his child to someone else. Of course, this is just one of the names used. Others would be baby mom, baby mama, momma, mom, or birth mother. All of these terms mean the same thing. When a lot of turmoil is connected to the mother, they call it baby momma drama. Naturally, nobody wants to deal with that. If you are lucky, you can avoid the baby mama drama. Being a baby momma is not a bad thing. It comes with a lot of joys. You get to experience a small human growing inside your body. However, not everyone is ready for what comes after the child is born.

Choosing Your Adoption Plan

Finding out you have an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. You are not sure who to talk to or where to turn. There are so many things to consider. Are you ready for the responsibility, can you financially support a child, have a support system, and want to have a child now? These are all good questions to ask yourself. If your answer is no to any of these questions, then adoption may be the right choice for you. And it is ok to choose adoption. This does not make you a bad person. It just may not be the right time for you. You have goals you want to achieve, and raising a child may not coincide. Adoption allows you to follow your dreams and continue on the journey you have set for yourself. Keep in mind there are many Adoption agencies in Missouri available to you. Researching them and finding an agency that will help you step by step through the adoption process is key. Make sure you ask questions and feel comfortable with the agency you pick. Adoption choices of Missouri ensure that birth mothers are treated with respect and dignity and create an adoption plan tailored to you. Our staff knows how hard of a decision adoption is. Also, we know it is an emotional journey for the birth mother and the adoptive parents. We are a responsive and trusting agency to work with. We want to make sure your adoption journey is a positive experience.

What Does it Mean to be a Birth Mother in Missouri?

Being a birth mother is a special process. You are creating a life. You get to make many decisions before your baby is even born. You get to handpick the family that will raise your baby. Other decisions you will make are what type of adoption you want. This depends on the level of contact you want to maintain with the family. So, either an open or closed adoption. Open adoption is where you will get updates or visits with your child. That is at the discretion of the adoptive family. A closed adoption would be better if you feel it is too hard to receive updates. This type of adoption is where you would have no contact with the adoptive family or your child. Again it is whatever choice feels right to you. There is no right or wrong decision here. You do not need to make every decision right away. There is time to decide. Having an adoption agency you trust is important at this stage of the adoption process.

Choosing Adoption in Missouri

The first step in your adoption journey is to call us at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We will help you navigate how to give a baby up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri comes to meet you and do an intake evaluation. This is where we gather information about your situation and help you decide if adoption is the best choice. From there, they will help you decide the next step in the adoption process. They will also help you create an adoption plan that meets your and your baby’s needs. Our staff is here to answer your questions. Our agency is here to support you throughout this journey. You are not alone. Are you pregnant? Considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more!


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