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What is a Birth Father?

A Birth Father is the biological father of a child who has been or will be adopted; understanding your rights and how they apply to the adoption process is just as important for you, as it is for the birth mother of the child. Birth Fathers: Are the biological fathers of their child or children. Do not have custody of their children. Do not pay child support. May be married to the mother of the child, married to another, divorced, or unmarried. May or may not have surrendered their parental rights. May or may not live in the same area as their child’s adoptive family. If you are finding out ‘after the fact’ that your child has been placed with an adoptive family, unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Many birth…

Missouri Adoption Laws

      Adoption laws vary from state to state. We have compiled Missouri Adoption Laws here! Adoption Laws Notice: The information contained on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. Always seek the advice of a licensed and qualified professional. While the content of this website is frequently updated, information changes rapidly and therefore, some information may be out of date, and/or contain inaccuracies, omissions or typographical errors. Access to Adoption Records To better understand this issue and to view it across States, download the PDF (541 KB) of this publication. Current Through June 2015 Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Stat. § 453.121Nonidentifying information is available to: The adoptive parents The child's legal guardians The adult…

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