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Unplanned, Unexpected, or Unwanted Pregnancy? Need a Local Adoption Agency in Missouri? We provide adoption services!

An unplanned, unexpected, unwanted, or unintended pregnancy can happen to any one at any time. Perhaps you don’t want to be a parent or you already have kids and are unable to parent another child. Maybe it’s bad timing and you’re not ready to parent. Do you feel you are too young to parent or even too old to parent? Possibly the birth father is unknown or uninvolved…

In any of these cases, no matter what your situation, you are considering adoption and you’re searching: adoption agencies near me. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help now.

What is private adoption?

A private adoption occurs when a prospective birth mother voluntarily chooses to create an adoption plan for her baby. On the other side of that, an adoptive family works with a private adoption agency to adopt a baby in the U.S. Private adoption is commonly known by a few names to include:

  • Domestic adoption (vs. an international adoption)
  • Infant adoption
  • Newborn adoption
  • Private domestic adoption

Private adoption does not mean secret adoption nor closed adoption. Instead, private adoption refers to an agency that works with you on a voluntary basis — unlike working through social services and/or the state in which your child is removed. In summary, a private adoption occurs when birth parents voluntarily give up rights to parent their child.


What is a full-service private adoption agency?

private adoption agency support MissouriThe first thing to do when choosing the private adoption process is to find a private adoption agency to work with who provides private adoption services. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a full-service, licensed, local private adoption agency. Let’s break that down:

  • Full-service: the private infant adoption process can be complex to understand and difficult to navigate. There are a lot of steps involved and a lot of emotions. Many agencies are only equipped to meet the requirements of a few steps, but not us. We are a full-service agency, which means we can take care of you from start to finish. This continuity throughout the process helps birth mothers feel more confident and comfortable in their decision. She is also more in control through the adoption planning.
  • Licensed: some adoption professionals provide services without licensing. This means that there is no state or federal review to ensure they are doing things the right way. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a fully-licensed Missouri agency. We are held to the highest standards possible and subjected to process reviews and oversight. Adoptions with us are legal and safe.
  • Local: unlike a national agency, we are local and will meet with you face-to-face. Our professionals get to know you personally and we are here for you through every step. We are able to provide a variety of services to include financial assistance, safe housing, transportation, and more. Our small staff is responsive, well-experienced in Missouri adoptions, and compassionate. We want you in the best situation possible!

Working with our private adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri can make your experience with the adoption process much smoother and more comfortable.


What are the advantages of private adoption in Missouri?

advantages of private adoption in MissouriThere are a number of benefits to working with a private adoption agency to place your baby for adoption. To start, private adoption services are free! Here are a few:

  • More control over the adoption plan
    • You can choose the type of adoption and level of openness
    • You can help establish a budget and determine what you need through your pregnancy and post-placement
    • You can choose the adoptive family
    • You can choose the level of communication and contact with the adoptive family
    • You can create your birth/hospital plan
    • You can work with a counselor
  • Personal guidance with an adoption specialist who advocates for you
  • Rest assure you will be taken care of, heard, and respected
  • You will be empowered to make decisions you feel are best for your baby – never pressured, never coerced, never judged

Ultimately, private adoption agencies in Missouri are able to provide guidance, support, counseling, and financial assistance for needs such as: doctor/hospital visits, transportation, food, and housing as needed. Finally, the ability to choose from a variety of amazing adoptive families that are home study approved, background checked, and adoption trained, to place your child with, provides a peace of mind and confidence in your adoption journey.


Adoption in Missouri

Provided below are a few facts regarding adoption in Missouri.

  • Adoption in Missouri is regulated by state law, which provides guidelines and requirements for different types of adoption. The specific process and eligibility criteria may vary depending on the type of adoption.
  • The main types of adoption in Missouri are: agency adoption, private adoption, kinship adoption, and international adoption. Each type has different rules and procedures, but they all involve the termination of the birth parents’ rights and the establishment of new legal parent-child relationships.
  • In Missouri, adoption is overseen by the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS), which licenses and monitors adoption agencies and provides support services for adoptive families and children.
  • To adopt a child in Missouri, prospective adoptive parents must meet certain qualifications and undergo a rigorous screening process, including background checks, home studies, and training. They must also comply with state and federal laws regarding adoption, such as the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) for out-of-state placement.
  • Adoption in Missouri can be a rewarding and life-changing experience for everyone involved. However, it is a complex legal and emotional process that requires careful consideration and preparation. It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of experienced adoption professionals to navigate the adoption process successfully.
  • Adoption Choices of Missouri is your go-to adoption agency.



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