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Adoption in Wichita, Kansas

Adoption in Wichita, Kansas


Unplanned Pregnancy? Need help in Wichita? Considering Adoption?

Adoption in Wichita, Kansas

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy and you know you don’t want to keep the baby, you may be considering your options in Wichita, Kansas. You are likely searching for adoption agencies in Kansas, Adoption Wichita Kansas, pregnancy help, or something similar. With any pregnancy, a decision must be made: parent, terminate, or choose to place your child for adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri can help.

With parenting, one must be prepared to physically and financially care for a child. Terminating the pregnancy comes with its own pros and cons and a timeline. Adoption is often less considered but for someone who doesn’t want the baby nor wants to terminate, this might be the best choice.


Choosing Adoption Wichita KS

With a network of many adoption agencies in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas can offer the adoption support you need! We have access to financial support, access to medical care, safe housing if you are in an unsafe environment, and professional counseling. All at no expense to you! We are available across the state of Kansas and have support in Wichita to help with your adoption plan now.


Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in Wichita

choosing Wichita adoptionChoosing adoption for your baby is not an easy choice. But for many women, placing your child for adoption with a loving, stable family can offer many benefits and provide a sense of relief to an unplanned pregnancy. In order to make this brave choice for both you and your baby, it is important to consider many different aspects of your personal life.

If you are considering placing your baby with an adoptive family, here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. In my current financial, emotional, physical, and social state, am I able to provide for my child’s needs?

A child is expensive and requires around-the-clock care. If you have other responsibilities that you cannot imagine giving up for a child, then adoption may be right for you. A child is also forever. Even if you can attain some resources now, consider two years from now, five, and even 10.

2. Is my job stable?

If you have spent your time bouncing between jobs, or if your current job is temporary, keep in mind again that a child comes with an incredible amount of expenses, and your child will rely on you to meet their every need.

3. What will I be able to do for child care?

Another detail to consider is where your child will be when you are working. Will you be able to afford childcare services, or will you have to rely on family and friends to do it for you?

4. Do you plan to continue your education? Or have higher career goals?

Obtaining a higher level of education, college degree, or certification can be hard enough as it is by yourself, let alone having to take care of a child. If continuing education or building a career is a dream you have, remember this during your decision.

5. Am I ready for parenthood now and for the rest of my life?

Keep in mind that it’s normal for expectant women to feel nervous, and few first-time parents feel “ready” to be a parent. However, do not feel pressured to make the decision to parent right now if you are not currently ready. Even if you choose adoption now, you can still choose to have kids in the future.


Choosing an Adoptive Family with One of Our Adoption Agencies in Kansas

adoptive family MissouriWhen you create an adoption plan, you have the option to choose the adoptive family. For some birth mothers, it’s enough to know that the family adopting their child will love them and care for them like their own. Others want more detail or input – specific preferences like location, religion, race or family dynamic.

One of the biggest considerations for choosing an adoptive family is whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Many adoptive families want a certain type of adoption as well, so this can be an excellent question when you’re considering different families for your child. Once you have an idea of the type of family you want to adopt your child, we will provide a variety of family profiles.

Choosing the Type of Wichita Adoption

In an open adoption, the birth family and adoptive family share contact during the pregnancy and after the birth. There is not one level of openness that works for all adoptions so this can mean sharing photos, phone calls, texts and sometimes even visits. The openness in an adoption often develops over time, changes, and sometimes open adoptions close and closed adoptions open.

A Post Adoption Contact Agreement (PACA) is an agreement that allows for certain, specified contact between the birth family and adoptive family. Laws on PACAs will vary from state to state. Some states will enforce them so long as they serve the best interest of the child and other states will either prohibit or not enforce them. Kansas and Missouri currently do not allow for enforceable post-adoption contact agreements.

The primary benefits of adoption openness are that adoptive children have the opportunity to maintain meaningful and beneficial relationships with their birth family as well as be linked to their history. The following benefits of open adoptions impact all parties involved in different ways.

Adoption Openness in Wichita Adoption:

  • Provides an opportunity to the child to identify with or relate to the birth family, and in doing so facilitates the development of an accurate and positive sense of identity and self-worth
  • Offers a means to retrieve medical and genealogical information and the possibility of obtaining first-hand information and understanding of the reasons leading to adoption, who the child  looks like, where his/her interests came from, etc.
  • Helps the child embrace their history such that the birth family is not a mystery
  • Minimizes the impact of loss and facilitates grieving
  • Helps birth family to more readily accept and support the adoption and confirm that the adoptive parents will be the psychological parents
  • Provides for an opportunity for a possible role of the birth family in the child’s future
  • Affords dignity and respect to the child and their birth family by being open about the adoption
  • Helps adoptive families to be more empathetic, accepting of their child’s curiosity, and worry less about attachment
  • Helps families to be better equipped to answer their child’s questions and encourages greater communication about adoption

Additional Wichita Adoption Options

There are other options you’ll want to consider through the adoption process as well – such as you’d like to handle your birth plan and hospital plan. Thankfully, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help explain your options to you without any pressure so that you can figure out what works best for you. Having your options lined out in an adoption plan can help you feel more confident and secure in the choices you’ve made.

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