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Giving a Child Up for Adoption

“Giving a Child Up for Adoption” What does that mean in Kansas?

Giving a Child Up for Adoption

What does that mean in Kansas?

Adoption can be a long and difficult process. There are a lot of confusing terms and phrases out there that make things harder. “Giving a child up for adoption” or “how to give a baby up for adoption” are said a lot. What does it really mean to “give up a child,” though? What doesn’t it mean?

Adoption Choices of Kansas is an adoption agency here to walk you through everything. We’ll help you understand what your adoption options are and what adoption means for you.

What Does “Giving a Child Up for Adoption” Mean

  1. Giving a child up for adoption means you aren’t ready or don’t want to be a parent. You know you cannot give your child the life you want them to have. This doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you want the best for them. This may have just been the wrong time for you, or you might not want children. However, you feel, adoption agencies in Kansas can help.
  2. You can’t or don’t want to terminate the pregnancy. When you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have options. You can raise the child, place the child for adoption, or terminate the pregnancy. Giving a child up for adoption means that the pregnancy will not be terminated. You will carry the child until birth when your chosen adoptive family will become parents.
  3. You can receive assistance from a licensed adoption agency. Adoption Choices of Kansas is a local, licensed private adoption agency. As soon as you contact us, we will start the adoption process. It’s hard to know how to give a baby up for adoption. That’s where we can help. We pair you with an adoption specialist. They walk you through the process. We answer questions and provide support.
  4. You create an adoption plan with your adoption specialist. You tell us exactly how you want your pregnancy, adoption, and life after to go. You choose the adoptive family and the level of communication you have with your child. An adoption plan is a document that you create with your adoption specialist. It outlines every decision you make.
  5. You will consent to the adoption after birth. In Kansas, consent for the adoption must be signed 12 hours or longer after you give birth. This terminates your parental rights and places your child with their adoptive family.

What “Giving a Child Up for Adoption” Does Not Mean

  1. Giving a child up for adoption does not mean you are actually giving anything up. You are making a thoughtful choice to place your child with an adoptive family.
  2. Choosing adoption does not mean you have failed. You have actually made the best possible decision for your child. You have given them the best chance at life. That is a win.
  3. It does not mean you can’t be a parent in the future. Adoption is always an option for birth parents. However, choosing adoption doesn’t mean you can’t ever be a parent. Many birth parents choose adoption because they can’t be a parent right now. One day when you feel like you’ve created a good environment for a child, you can choose to have children. This is completely up to you.

Adoption Language

Adoption language can be a touchy subject. Positive adoption language is essential in promoting a sensitive and respectful narrative surrounding adoption. One aspect of adopting new terminology involves using “placing a baby for adoption” rather than “giving up a baby for adoption.”

The phrase “placing a baby for adoption” highlights the agency of the birth family in making a considered decision for their child’s well-being. It acknowledges their thoughtful choice in finding a safe and loving home for their baby. It recognizes that adoption is a brave and selfless act, demonstrating the birth parents’ love and commitment to the child’s best interest.

In contrast, the phrase “giving up a baby for adoption” carries a negative connotation. It implies a sense of abandonment or neglect, which is far from the reality of most adoption situations. We only use this phrase because it is still the most searched terms for finding adoption support.

Choosing Adoption in Kansas

You can rest assured that your baby is in a loving and supportive home. Adoption Choices of Kansas performs background checks and home visits on adoptive parents. We even provide a home study checklist, so adoptive parents can learn how to create the best environment. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, reach out today. Adoption Choices of Kansas will help you start your adoption journey.

Page content prepared by Katy Reagan

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