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Adoption Services in Wichita

Adoption Services in Wichita

What Adoption Services are Available in Wichita?

Unplanned pregnancies happen, and they might be terrifying. Raising a child while caring for yourself can be stressful. If raising a child is something you feel like you can’t do, there may be options involving adoption.

If you are wondering how to give your baby up for adoption, there are several resources to assist you. Adoption agencies can assist you if you need financial support, medical care, adoption planning, or counseling. Allow us to assist you in your time of need and provide you the support you require.

Adoption Choices of Kansas in Wichita

Adoption Choices of Kansas is a licensed private adoption agency that helps in cases of crisis or unplanned pregnancy. We can provide a multitude of services for birth parents who create an adoption plan to place their baby for adoption.

Financial Assistance During the Adoption Process in Wichita

Financial assistance is one of the many vital adoption services available in Wichita. Depending on the situation, we may be able to cover your rent, food, and transportation.

Every financial situation is different. Once your adoption counselor understands your needs, they’ll work to get your financial assistance. Rent and utilities could be a problem we can manage. Food may be covered by your financial assistance so that you have one less concern on your mind. We may be able to provide you transportation, be it to your home, job, or doctor’s office. 

Medical Care While Experiencing an Unplanned Pregnancy in Wichita Kansas

One of the many valuable adoption services in Wichita is medical care to support both you and your baby. Many adoption agencies in Kansas will provide the necessary pre and postnatal care for you and your baby. Prenatal care involves physical examination, blood tests, imaging tests, blood pressure checks, heart rate checks, and weight checks. Proper prenatal care also involves knowing your diet, lifestyle choices, and regular doctor’s visits.

Your adoption coordinator will assist you with making any necessary changes regarding the health of you and your baby. After making sure you and the baby are healthy, your coordinator will discuss adoption planning.

How to Begin Planning Your Adoption in Wichita

Adoption planning involves you and your adoption counselor deciding which qualified parents you want to raise your child. Qualified parents who have completed the home study checklist are educated on how to care for your baby. The next step will involve you determining how much contact you want with the adoptive parents and your child. Your plan will consist of various adoption options, including open, semi-open, and closed adoptions.

Open adoptions involve you and the adoptive parents exchanging contact information and meeting regularly. Next, there are semi-closed adoptions that involve you confidentially contacting the parents but without providing any identifiable information.

Lastly, there are closed adoptions involving no contact between you or the adoptive family once the adoption is finalized. Each of these types of adoption is designed to help you with the emotions related to the adoption. Once you’ve surrendered the baby, your adoption counselor will start your counseling to cope with difficult adoption-related thoughts.

Post Adoption Counseling in Wichita

Giving a child up for adoption is difficult. However, there are resources to support your psychological needs. Your adoption counselor will provide you with counseling to help you cope with any potent emotions you’re feeling. The counselor will provide you the emotional support you need while giving you strategies to combat your grief. They might have you join a support group of birth mothers who placed their babies up for adoption. In addition, this support group can relate to your struggles and provide a rare form of understanding and empathy. 

Ways Adoption Choices Can Help Your Start Your Adoption Plan

There are many services adoption agencies can provide to assist you in your time of need. We can provide you financial support for your rent, utilities, food, and transportation. We provide pre and postnatal care to you and your baby. The adoption counselor will help you choose the adoptive family and how much contact you’ll have with the baby. We have trained psychological help who can help you cope with complex emotions regarding surrendering your child.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or seeking adoption in Kansas, allow Adoption Choices of Kansas to help. Adoption Choices of Kansas will answer your questions regarding how to put your baby up for adoption.

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